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Animal Urgent Care
Warner Robins, Georgia

No appointments necessary



Tuesday - Friday:  4pm - 10pm

Saturday:  10am - 8pm

Sunday - Monday:  Closed

Call us if you have any questions


Urgent or Emergency

Urgent Care or Emergency Hospital:
What is the difference?

When something is troubling your pet, determining what to do can be challenging, especially if it is after hours. Urgent care OR an emergency hospital?

Urgent care

So, your pet or animal friend is not feeling well, and you need a veterinarian's help outside the usual hours? That is where urgent pet and animal care steps in, filling the gap between routine vet visits and full-blown emergencies. Choose urgent pet care when your animal friend needs prompt attention but is not facing a life-or-death situation.

Emergency hospital

If your pet or animal friend is facing a serious, life-threatening condition or injury, 24-hour veterinary emergency hospitals provide immediate and intensive care. Examples include severe trauma, hit by car, bone exposure, respiratory distress, ingestion of toxic substances, active seizures, heat stroke, collapse, etc.


Distinguishing between Urgent and Emergency Care


While some signs are unmistakable, like bleeding or continuous vomiting, not all situations are crystal clear. Urgent pet and animal care usually falls into the category of "I know something is wrong, and it needs attention ASAP, but it might not be life-threatening." On the other hand, animal emergency care is for situations demanding surgical intervention or immediate hospitalization due to a severe threat to your pet's life.


Not sure? Call us 


If you are unsure what care is needed, we are here to guide you to ensure your pet gets the appropriate care, whether it is urgent attention or immediate hospitalization.


If the problem is a serious or life threatening illness or injury, we will refer you to an animal emergency hospital.



* We do not treat wildlife or strays.
* Full payment at time of services.

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Animal Urgent Care in Warner Robins provides a wide range of services including, but not limited to: 


  • Ear infection

  • Broken nail

  • Hot spots

  • Eye issues (tearing, redness, discharge)

  • Diarrhea or vomiting

  • Anal glands

  • Worms, fleas, ticks, or mites

  • Minor cuts and abrasions

  • Hair loss

  • Scooting

  • Changes in behavior

  • Loss of appetite or overeating

  • Pain or limping

  • Ate a foreign body (toy, rawhide, etc)

  • Urinary changes

  • Urinating blood

  • Bite or other wounds

  • Itchy skin or rashes


Give us a call with any questions!​



Animal Urgent Care is located in Warner Robins at the corner of Watson Blvd and Olympia Drive. We work on a walk-in basis. 

No appointments are necessary!

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